if you are a creative genius, do not read this

start a creative project even when you are not ready

when you are not ready, take it slow at first... after a while into the project, you become ready and when you do, ideas will keep flowing and you will keep creating

you will be unstoppable

unless it is dinner time and you have to stop and eat...

(realization came to me while pooping at moday october 20 245pm_

lovers by a dirt road

probably one of the best creations by inner my inner self

How to improvise with Jazz Guitar Music

A Fun way to play Jazz and to enjoy playing to your heart's content!

Improvisation in jazz needs skill and practice. But just as much time that is devoted to learning the chords and different exercises, patterns and methods of playing jazz guitar, is also the same amount of time the learner has to devote learning his style and sound.

Share a coke with your live-in partner

1.5 gyud bisan duha lang mo kay uhaw baya kaayo basta panington na