How to improvise with Jazz Guitar Music

A Fun way to play Jazz and to enjoy playing to your heart's content!

Improvisation in jazz needs skill and practice. But just as much time that is devoted to learning the chords and different exercises, patterns and methods of playing jazz guitar, is also the same amount of time the learner has to devote learning his style and sound.

Share a coke with your live-in partner

1.5 gyud bisan duha lang mo kay uhaw baya kaayo basta panington na 

blues tonight

tonight i sat for a while and played some blues tunes and recorded three times. maybe you will not agree with me and will hear just a 12 string acoustic guitar playing but no music at all, that is ok, im sure a couple of years from now, i when i listen to these recordings i would still say to myself 'i was really good with the guitar back then' :D

i think i did this tonight because i have not recorded any  blues tunes with a 12 string acoustic guitar before, i think.

song 1
song 2
song 3

hilsha phase 2, calinan, davao city

how to commit yourself into a mental institution

voluntarily committing myself to a psychiatric hospital is something i have been wanting to do for a long time. if i only know which hospitals would take me in for free i would have done it for a long time. perhaps you have some suggestions?