Views from Sipalay Negros Occidental

I would go back to Sipalay again for:
- their grilled chicken
- their fresh tinolang isda
- the fun in swimming and bamboo rafting
- the corals and fishes we saw
- the trek to tinagong dagat
- the tasty carenderia food
- the bodots-loving citizens
- the caves and rock formations by the sea
- the sunset
- the awesome and affordable tinagong dagat resort
- the sheer joy in standing in-line at the one and only ATM machine with the Locals even though we know that the machine will not give us money because of faulty network but still we stand in line because we are hopeful

It's Mambukal once more

My third time in Mambukal Mountain resort. Now i got the change to draw  bigger trees.

I was in highschool when i first went to mambukal on a field trip, that time i stopped drawing for a while and was more into music particularly playing the guitar.

The second time i was here was with my wife on our honey moon.

The Dumaguete City Bell Tower

I have been living in dumaguete for many years and it is only last month i got to sketch this city's monument.

ambak dayon tilap!

Sarrat Church walkway and Bell tower

the paoay church

This is a UNESCO Heritage site. The best thing about skteching what you see is that, you can edit out the tourists. Here we had a real Illocano lunch  at the parish convent courtesy of Rev. Emy John A. Domingo and his  youth ministers.

the comforter

Gull-billed Terns at the Manjuyod Sandbar

These birds fly close enough to the cottages for me to take these pictures, they swoop down on the water to prey on small fishes and if you throw breadcrumbs on the water, they will swoop down on it too.

the brown notebook from dumaguete

excuse me while i fill this with nothingness

bricks at the laoag city airport pre-departure lounge

while waiting for our flight back to manila 6 weeks ago, i did a finger painting in android

Hinigaran Bell Tower

Our second stop was at Hinigaran City where we ate lots of cultured Talaba and while nonon sorted out stuff with his paranoid and childish girlfriend (hehehehe) and kikit took pictures.

Valladolid Bell Tower

We went for a road trip last 3 weeks ago to Sipalay city from Bacolod City and this was our first stop.

with me were kikit and nonon

check out our second stop


because some religious statues in vigan like to read

the family ivory

taken in a museum in vigan

my sketch notebook in dahican mati

work and play at the Yee House

featuring Kikit and Nonon
Olympia, Alijis, Bacolod City