duyan sa hapon

the title means 'hammock in the afternoon' i stumbled into this riff while hammocking with my ukelele as the sunset here in calinan davao city, so after playing around with the tune, i went in and recorded it, after a while, the neighbor's dog started barking and you can hear it in the background...grrrrrr

download or listen to it here

this is techy life realization in a form of poetry at almost 3pm in the afternoon

there is a cow in the disabled touch pad and all is well after plugging the mouse

moving all my travel stuff to TRAVELSKETCHLIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM

i am in the process of moving all the old content to travelsketchlive you can view all my future travel related posts there.

and everything else that does not relate to travel, erotica, and the prodding child shall be posted here on this blog.

The Islets of Bucas Grande

content has moved to http://travelsketchlive.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-islets-of-bucas-grande.html

the philippine transport system sucks (among others)

our bus stopped for ten minutes just so the ticket inspector, the person sitting inside the bakery, can check the ticket stubs given to him by the bus conductor, while we watch helplessly.