my tao expedition sketches

me and kikit joined a the tao expedition last october from coron town to el-nido town in palawan for 5 days. here are the sketches and scribbles i did (and photos by kikit). during the trip. it was stormy but with a touch of sunlight in between, so it was indeed an adventure, the weather dictated our stops.

briefing with Romy the night before our trip, this is the whole gang with 5 other crew members, after the briefing we went to buy much needed 'alcohol' for the trip

leaving coron town with the clouds so close behind us on the first day

at the end of the first day, our ducks convene at pass island

sunrise on the 3rd day at Decabaitot island where we camped at the end of the 2nd day, on this island you can both see the sunrise and sunset.

sunset at culaylayan bay, linapacan island. end of day 3

our dinner table, where i found out (before dinner) that Tanduay rum 5 years mixed with fresh coconut milk plus great company is a recipe for a great cocktail 

our dinner ('among others' -janette toral)

 after dinner karaoke party with the Krisolo crew

Kels singing Springsteen, yeah we had fun, feat. Captain Long (for short) 'silent with a wheel but not with a mic'

no picture at the end of the fourth day because we arrived just after sunset on our last base camp, a totally secluded beach (see picture below) and had a full body massage courtesy of Tao Philippines.

The morning on the 5th day, we could not see what we were docking to the night before, but check out the view at daylight, me and kikit were literally the only humans on the beach that morning. See the Kirisolo docked on the far left of the beach in the picture, our camp lies hidden behind the trees.

Us on the 5th day, taken just outside the Big Lagoon, Miniloc Island. It was raining hard before we entered the lagoon so we all jumped into the water to warm up, even the crew jumped in!

During the Tao expedition, we made good friends with the people who went on the expedition with us and with the crew as well. Kikit. My wife, learned all the recipes (i like to think that she did) that Anne the cook prepared for us. We both are now less afraid to snorkel near 'drop offs'. And i learned to dive and take close up pictures of fishes and corals. I am sure when go back to join Tao expedition again, we will learn and experience more. 

Check out tao philippines on their site and what everybody else all over the web are saying about the expedition. we are definitely going back soon.
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